Why Is Word Choice Important In Your Writing?

Alex Tomas - 8/26/2020

Takeaway 💭 Word choice plays a major role in how well your work is received as it is being read.

Word choice is critical.

Let me immediately jump into answering the question "what actually is word choice?". Well, if we're on a lunch break or perhaps you want a brief elevator pitch answer, then I'll tell you that word choice is simply the words that you prefer to deliver information with. Furthermore, on an elevated level, an indeed more tantalizing way to reiterate what I just responded is to tell you that word choice is the style and uniqueness of your writing. Word choice is what defines and distinguishes writers. Word choice is, feasibly, one of the elusive pinnacles of tremendous writing quality.

Each one of us has a word choice vocabulary. It's the bread-and-butter, run-of-the-mill words that we invariably integrate within any written form. Word choice is an ingrained mechanism of every writer. The cornerstone of colorful delivery. Well, you catch the drift. Many writers have capitalized financially on this mechanism, no matter how superior, or even terrible, their word choice vocabulary is. If it works for them and presents them with a financial benefit, why shape a problem with that? Don't inform me that you'd do it differently. Yet, why do so many of us suffer from a severe deficit of uniqueness and variety in our word choice vocabulary? Often, it's precariously stale, outdated, and primarily consists of 5th-grade words.

Yikes. Once you consider it, most of us are in that club. So, if you're reading this, there's a lofty shot that you do not want to be in a stale word choice club. No, you are striving to renegade against your monotonous writing. The hunger to spice up your stagnant word choice is gaining momentum. Reinventing that mechanism and shifting your run-of-the-mill words out of the way is the sole objective. Rock on soldier. Now, your dream? Expertly wield and knit bespoke words into writing that will withdraw every single reader inspired, refreshed, - moved even. The desire to dive deeper, to actually understand why word choice is important is what inspired this blog post. Piqued your interest? Let's read on.

Listen, let's get something out of the way. If you do not have a sophisticated set of bespoke word choices in your toolset, it is not your fault. Let me iterate myself. You haven't been doing anything misguided. Frankly, as students, we're disciplined in a profoundly simplistic manner. A tried and honest technique, the pacified opinions of the teaching institutes will defend. Our studies do not grant an initiative or even extend a remote incentive for each one of us to go out and form the unique toolbox that is word choice. The textbooks are dropped on the table, memorized or read through, and that's the end of it. No stimulation to refine the art of accurate word choice. This is the state, the reality. However, as individuals, we all have discerning taste, ideas, methodologies, and our word choice demand to reflect that! No matter the age, position, or stature, every single person should be able to wield fantastic words and masterfully morph them into pulchritudinous ideas, aka well-written work. That is everyone's freedom.

To answer the burning question, at last. Why is word choice important in your writing? It defines you as a writer. Defines your approach, your authority. Demonstrates your prowess at orchestrating a bouquet of words into unison. Whether drafting your fifth mundane English essay or relaying a masterpiece romance for an original novel, word choice is your trademark. Showcase strong and unqiue word choice authority by motivating your readers to discern your work from imitators. Without word choice, you are just another essay. Another book. Another boring piece of 'work'. Do not let that define you. Tools like thesauruses and dictionaries can help you determine whether you can aptly mold a seemingly unrelated or disparate word into a sentence to provide your readers a fresh perspective. However, an even more powerful tool is Tiip, which can help you integrate incredible word choice. This platform was built from the requests and feedback of hundred of thousands of students that wanted to break out of their stale word choice and reach the next level in their writing. With Tiip, they are getting better grades, feeling more accomplished as writers, but most importantly, they are inspiring their audience beyond just with their words.

Try it today, you'll be surprised by how much more clarity, descriptiveness, and subtle differences your writing can achieve. Who knows, you might just get compliments on it.

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