Wait...Tiip is going fancy?

Pavel Sazonov, Austin Cramers - 9/05/2020

Takeaway 💭 We've been busy! And...we've shipped a lot of new stuff.


What can we say...we've been hard at work dressing up Tiip.cc, haha. First and foremost, yup the dark mode is finally here and the best part is that it's the default color now. Of course, this now means you can comfortably use Tiip late at night without straining your eyes. Or use it during the day - your call on that one. In addition to the continuous feedback loop that we have and countless requests asking for the dark mode to be added, our analytics show us that a significant portion of our users is active during the night. So, we listened to the numbers 'cause the numbers never lie, people. You're welcome, Tiipers!

Moving on, we didn't just dress up the colors, nope. The editor is completely redesigned - from the ground up. We incorporated invaluable feedback along with analytical and heatmap data to figure out how to make the new design intuitive and easy to love. The old editor was...lacking. Not to mention that the UI/UX design wasn't a wow factor either. It felt disconnected from the overall experience. We knew it had to be replaced, so we ripped apart the existing design to create this gorgeous new design. What's not to love? It's sleek, informative, and out of the way. That allows the content to just be there. What about mobile? We'll be honest, it feels like a native app. The background blur, the floating toolbar - everything was carefully crafted to deliver the best possible experience.

While we are here, let's quickly mention that sexy toolbar. It's packed with a few new features as well as all the existing ones that you love. The old positioning of these features severely limited their usability and reach, something that this toolbar design drastically changed. Each feature is now on a separate icon, easily accessible from any point in the document. Don't forget to test out the light mode, in case you prefer a lighter shade. Functions now also contain a concise and informative explanation on click - perfect for new users. Speaking of users, 93% of all our users are new, so an intuitive design coupled with self-explainers is crucial.

What else is new?

We've been quietly improving the backend algorithms powering Tiip too. This is the most difficult and time-intensive aspect of the Tiip service. It's our core competitive edge - and we work hard to improve it. The main focus is progressively improving the suggestions that we provide for your writing. While still not quite 100% accurate, our algorithms and the underlying code is quickly becoming more sophisticated and accurate. Our engineering team is in the early stages of planning SynEngine v3, a major version release that will bring much finer and accurate suggestions. In addition to supporting individual word suggestions, our algorithms will soon also be able to provide suggestions at the phrase and sentence level. Stay tuned for an update on our engineering teams' exciting progress!

Check out the new Tiip editor.

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