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Wait...Tiip is going fancy?

Pavel Sazonov, Austin Cramers, - 9/05/2020

What can we say...we've been hard at work dressing up Tiip.cc, haha. First and foremost, yup the dark mode is finally here and the best part is that it's the default color now. Of course, this now - read article

How To Avoid Writer’s Block While Writing Papers

Pavel Sazonov - 8/30/2020

Everyone writes. Some of us write at 3:17 AM because college papers are due by 11:59 PM. Is it because we have an insatiable desire to ink academic material that we will never read after the final draft? - read article

Why Is Word Choice Important In Your Writing?

Alex Tomas - 10/26/2020

Let me immediately jump into answering the question "what actually is word choice?". Well, if we're on a lunch break or perhaps you want a brief elevator pitch answer, then I'll tell you that word choice is - read article

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